Lost in Time - VHS versus Remastered

Below are five comparison images from various episodes contained in the 'Lost in Time' boxset, demonstrating the differences between a capture from the commercially released VHS version previously available and the remastered versions, in this case captured from a DV-Cam copy of the episode. Hover your mouse over the old image to reveal the new version.

Please note... On two of the remastered images, Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC) can be seen at the top of the picture and the image is dropped by a few lines - this is a fault on the DV-Cam recording used to capture the stills and is not present on the episode masters themselves. Aspect ratio has not been corrected for PC's square pixel aspect, so images will appear slightly narrower than they should. Slight 'combing' can be seen on moving parts of the picture on the remastered versions - this is because there is movement between the two VidFIRE'd fields within the captured frames and is purely a consequence of capturing a whole frame. Note in all cases the increase in image area available on the remastered versions and also the increased low-level detail - in the blacks of Troughton's costume, for example.

The Moonbase:4


The Wheel in Space:3


The Daleks' Master Plan:10


The Evil of the Daleks:2


The Abominable Snowmen:2


Copyright  Steve Roberts  18 July 2004.   Images copyright BBC Worldwide